Episode 275: The Mailbag Episode (#14) / Last Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean release their final episode of Age of Minority, one last Mailbag. In it, they tackle everything from how to start your own podcast to their best advice for dating. They also host the final edition of “We Review Your Reviews” and Sean plays the greatest Mailbag jingle of all time.

Episode Highlights

07:54: The last edition of “We Review Your Reviews”

26:33: Opening up the Mailbag (with the best Mailbag jingle in the history of Mailbag jingles)

29:03: What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned through 5.5. years of podcasting?

31:19: Any advice for someone starting their own podcast? And would you ever be guests on another podcast?

33:37: What is your best advice or resources on Christian dating?

35:14: Advice for someone in their late teens/early twenties preparing for adulthood/marriage?

38:57: Advice you would give someone in a season of engagement?

38:43: Best advice for new moms? Routines? How to not neglect your marriage?

41:04: If God has chosen whom he will save, why should we evangelize?

43:49: Do you have any good podcast recs with discussions about Christianity?

44:48: Where can we stay updated on your lives?

47:05: Where are you going from here?

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