Episode 26: The First Job Episode

In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean talk about how to look for a first job (or any job) to the glory of God. They also talk about butchers, their favorite nuts, and Sean’s many jobs.

Recommended Resources

+Getaway Farm Butcher
+“12 Tips on Finding the Perfect First Job”
+Teens and jobs on TheRebelution.com

*NOTE: Due to some scheduling changes, we mistakenly misnumbered the episode in the podcast.

3 thoughts on “Episode 26: The First Job Episode”

  1. Loved this episode! Especially since I am thinking about voluntering at my local library this summer. You gave me lots of things to think about before I persue this venture, and I thank you for that. The thinking outside the box bit was hysterical. Mr. Sean, thank you for making me laugh every single week. My dad would get along well with you. Anyway, thanks for my food for thought!

  2. Favorite nuts: Sean and Jaquelle Crowe…? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Terrible joke! I apologize. ??

    But I actually really like mixed nuts. If I had to choose it would be almonds and cashews. Nuts are good.

    My first job was (and is) working with my dad in carpentry. I did do a seasonal UPS driver helper job over Christmas which was a lot of fun.

    P.S. The reviews are starting to roll in on iTunes. And I think they’re all 5-stars.

  3. Reagan Bottomley

    I love how whenever Sean says something important he lowers his voice and I can’t hear a thing…. Lol I love this podcast though!

    Favorite nuts would be pistachios (in the shell) and salted cashews. I love most nuts (except almonds) but I got my cashew craze from my grandpa: he would eat them while doing crosswords.
    Wait…. Those are your favorite nuts, aren’t they?

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