Meet Our Team


Jaquelle Crowe Ferris


Jaquelle Crowe Ferris is a twentysomething wife, mom, and writing coach in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. When she was 18, she wrote a book called This Changes Everything: How The Gospel Transforms the Teen Years. But her greatest achievement of that year was convincing her dad to start this podcast with her. She loves books (especially fiction), theology, breakfast food, talking theology while eating breakfast food, and roasting her dad.


Sean Crowe


Sean Crowe is Jaquelle’s father, pastor, and co-host. He pastors at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He loves books (but not fiction), bacon, hamburgers, pork chops, ribs… (all meat, really), heavy metal music, his beard, his cat (Mr. Baby), and roasting Jaquelle.