Episode 178: The Nova Scotia Shooting Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about the biggest mass shooting in Canadian history, which happened this past weekend just an hour or two away from them. They also hear a dramatic confession from Sean, get a baby update from Jaquelle, and discuss Sean’s life in quarantine right now.

Episode Highlights

07:00: Transitioning to this week’s topic and providing background
09:48: How should we handle crimes and shootings as Christians?

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1 thought on “Episode 178: The Nova Scotia Shooting Episode”

  1. This has been very helpful in that it should make us more mindful of God’s sovereignty, which gives us hope in all situations. We pray when things happen, when we should be praying all the time, for our defenders of the law, whether it be police or government or any other people who regularly put their lives in danger for our good. Thank you so much for this stark reminder. I certainly needed this message today.

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