Episode 46: The Why Do Bad Things Happen Episode

This week, Sean and Jaquelle take a break from their “John/Jon” series to respond to the tragic events in Las Vegas. They talk about why evil happens and how Christian teens should respond to it. They also tease a big announcement coming next week.

Recommended Resources

+“An Act of Pure Evil” — Searching for Meaning in Las Vegas (Albert Mohler)
+10 Aspects of God’s Sovereignty over Suffering and Satan’s Hand in It (John Piper)

2 thoughts on “Episode 46: The Why Do Bad Things Happen Episode”

  1. Thanks for addressing hard topics like this one. I don’t live anywhere close to Las Vegas, but my family has friends whose friends attended the concert at the time of the shooting, but thankfully they’re okay.

    As for the big announcement… I can only guess. Is Jaquelle writing a new book? Is Jaquelle writing a new book for young writers? Are you co-writing a new book? (It’s kind of unlikely due to the fact that This Changes Everything came out last year, but hey, if you were to write a new book, that would be absolutely fantastic.) At any rate, I’m eager to find out what it is.

    1. Emily, that is crazy! I can’t believe you have friends who were at that concert. Terrifying, but praise God that they’re okay. And you just keep thinking about that big announcement … it’s gonna be exciting!

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