Episode 92: The Driving Episode

This week, Jaquelle and Sean talk about getting your driver’s license and how the gospel changes even how we drive. They also talk about traveling from Halifax, Jaquelle’s upcoming vacation, and Sean’s lack of Taylor Swift knowledge.

Episode Highlights

04:09: Jaquelle announces her vacation.
05:56: Jaquelle talks about her 21st birthday.
09:56: Our experiences getting our driver’s licenses.
14:46: We need to take driving seriously.
16:32: Should you get a driver’s license?
19:52: Should the man or the woman drive?
23:03: Your parents’ part in deciding when to get your license.
23:41: How do you honor God in getting your license?
26:59: How do you honor God with your license?
33:48: Jaquelle and Sean’s dream cars.
35:37: Texting and driving?

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