Episode 94: The How-To-Do Relationships Episode

This week, Jaquelle and Sean talk about practical principles for doing relationships well. They also talk about their vacations, who is the co-host of this podcast, and what is the best cut of chicken.

Episode Highlights

01:54: Why Jaquelle likes to see Sean suffer.
05:19: What’s the best cut of chicken (and turkey)?
09:36: What we’re talking about this week.
11:16: What are the categories of relationships the Bible talks about?
15:59: What category of relationship dating falls into.
19:16: Relationship Principle #1: All human relationships are unfulfilling.
21:49: Relationship Principle #2: We’re diverse individuals, so conflict is inevitable.
27:13: Relationship Principle #3: Communication, communication, communication.
33:16: Relationship Principle #4: Relationships are ultimately about others, not us.

Recommended Resources

+Breaking the Stronghold of Food by Michael Brown with Nancy Brown
+Relationships: A Mess Worth Making by Paul Tripp and Timothy S. Lane

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