Episode 273: The Mailbag Episode (#12)

This week Jaquelle and Sean launch their final series of episodes, which will be a 3-part Mailbag, answering last listener questions. In this episode, they tackle everything from their favorite inside jokes over the years to how to approach the Lord’s Table in a meaningful way. They also finally tell the story of what happened to the “Lost Episode.”

Episode Highlights

06:12: Opening up the mailbag

08:23: What inspired you to begin the podcast?

11:40: What has been your favorite inside joke of the podcast?

15:17: What happened to the “Lost Episode”?

19:11: What has been your favorite topic that you’ve covered?

22:57: What’s your advice on being a good witness in a home with unbelieving siblings?

26:09: How can you approach communion in a meaningful way and not just as routine?

31:48: How do I start a ministry when I’m young and not financially independent?

34:08: How do I make time for the Lord when I’m a busy student?

38:40: How do I have deep relationships with people?

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