Episode 219: The Mailbag Part 2 Episode (#10)

This week Jaquelle and Sean open the mailbag (again!) and answer listener questions about their favorite movies of all time, why suffering exists, whether or not to go to college, and a lot more. They also talk about how early Jaquelle can text Sean, what Jaquelle and Sean did on their snow day, and how to pronounce “Purcell.”

Episode Highlights

  • 06:09: Transitioning to this week’s topic
  • 08:23: What is your favorite movie of all time?
  • 13:06: What’s your opinion on leaving home at 18? What about going to college?
  • 18:16: Pet peeves?
  • 22:08: When transitioning from teen to young adult, how do you still show honor and respect to your parents?
  • 25:11: Sean vs. Jaquelle: who travels more? Who reads more?
  • 27:21: What are your thoughts on suffering?
  • 31:33: What is the worst song ever made?

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