Episode 155: The Problem of Evil Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean continue their series on answering the big questions of life and talk about how to reconcile the existence of God with the problem of evil. They also share Jaquelle’s huge announcement.

Episode Highlights

07:24: Transitioning to this week’s topic: the problem of evil
14:45: 6 theodicies (explanations of evil)
28:28: What the Bible says about God and evil
38:14: How we should think about evil

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1 thought on “Episode 155: The Problem of Evil Episode”

  1. Jaquelle, I’m really thankful that you mentioned specifically that Christians can ask these questions, too. I have Lyme disease, so I often find myself asking questions like this, and I feel so bad for asking them because with the church culture, it’s often displayed as though I’m a “bad Christian,” or not even a true Christian at all, for asking or wondering about these things.

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