Episode 146: The Presbyterian, Arminian, Charismatic Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about what we love about Christians who are different than us, especially three kinds of Christians: Presbyterians, Arminians, and charismatics. They also issue an official correction and apology and hear Sean’s strong opinion on who should barbecue.

Episode Highlights

10:14: Reading some listener reviewers
18:04: The story behind this week’s topic
20:17: Why we’re not Presbyterians but love Presbyterians
24:17: Why we’re not Arminians but love Arminians
28:01: Why we’re not charismatics but love charismatics

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2 thoughts on “Episode 146: The Presbyterian, Arminian, Charismatic Episode”

  1. This is an awesome and extremely relevant episode! Thanks so much, guys!!
    Also… Mr. Sean, my dad literally just gave me the rundown last week on why grilling is a “man’s job”. So yes… Gotta say that I agree now. Lolol

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