Episode 111: The Church Cancellation Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about Summit Church’s recent decision to cancel a church service to encourage their members to worship at home. They also introduce a big change to the podcast, talk about Jaquelle’s crazy busy life, and discuss the sound Sean’s steaks will make when he cooks them.


06:23: Explaining the situation at the Summit Church.
07:45: What does Jaquelle think about their decision?
10:24: What the response has been to Summit’s announcement.
13:04: What this communicates to lonely or isolated church members.
15:29: Is it ever okay to cancel a church service?
19:35: What the persecuted church teaches us about this decision.
22:41: What Sean wants listeners to take away from this episode.

Recommended Resources

+Summit Church’s announcement
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+“To Worship or Not to Worship? That Shouldn’t Be the Question” (Article by Tom Ascol)

4 thoughts on “Episode 111: The Church Cancellation Episode”

  1. Really good take. I also really loved Tom Ascol’s take on the topic. I remember when Christmas was on Sunday a couple years ago and many churches canceled. The reason was so that “you could spend time with your family”. But the church is my family and no matter how much I love my blood family, my church family is closer than any blood family ever could be. It was very disappointing.

    I really liked Samuel Sey’s tweet on the topic:

    “One Sunday morning, the pastor of a church couldn’t make it to church because of a snowstorm. But the rest of the church gathered together that morning.

    An unremarkable member of the church preached. A young visitor heard the gospel and believed–his name was Charles Spurgeon.

    God commands us to ‘not neglect to meet together.’

    And we must obey him, for his glory, for the edification of the saints, and for the salvation of sinners.”

    1. We appreciate the encouragement, Seth. And we love Tom Ascol! =) Oh, and I remember seeing Samuel Sey’s tweet — that’s a really good perspective. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love this episode! Sometimes, our church service gets canceled because our entire city experienced the aftermath of a typhoon. Since we live in PH which is a typhoon belt, we do experience extreme floods. The flood waters usually submerged the homes and streets. Some people even have to be evacuated.

    I do agree that the Lord’s Day is a privilege. ☺️

    1. That’s a super helpful perspective, Lizette. Weather conditions can definitely make a serious impact on church cancellations. That’s where we believe God can providentially hinder us from attending church. But ultimately believing that the Lord’s Day is a privilege is what will give us wisdom and discernment in knowing when to cancel or not. Thanks for listening to the show!

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