Episode 19: The Sabbath Episode

In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean talk about the Sabbath – what are the common views of it and why should we care about it. They also talk about Jaquelle’s first book review, Sean’s walking jacket, and why Americans hate Canada.

Recommended Resources

+The Lord’s Day by Joseph Pipa
+Perspectives on the Sabbath: 4 Views by various contributors
+A review of Perspectives on the Sabbath, outlining the views

*Jaquelle was mistaken in thinking there were TGC posts that specifically addressed the opposing views. But they do have quite a few resources on the Sabbath if you’re interested.

10 thoughts on “Episode 19: The Sabbath Episode”

  1. Great episode y’all! Thank you for clearly presenting the two views. I’ll defiantly be looking into this more. I’m not quite sure where I stand.
    Happy book-release day Jaquelle! I am in the middle of it now and so far it is great! 😀 I hope you got Halo ice-cream to celebrate 😛
    -a loyal listener

    1. Glad you enjoyed the ep, Haven. And thank you for those book well wishes – I’m so happy you’re enjoying the book. And you’ll be glad to know I officially tried my first Halo Top last night. And yes, it was all I hoped and dreamed. =P

  2. Adding to your discussion on Romans 14, Andrew Naselli has a great book on conscience and he dissects Paul’s arguments a little more. Paul is saying both views are okay, and we are not to judge others based on their view of Sabbath or unclean foods. BUT Paul is not neutral. He does state his view!

    Also, my pastor gave a great sermon on this same topic.


    SO excited that I stumbled upon your podcast and blog. As a fellow Nova Scotian I’m excited to see how God is using you to further the gospel! Very cool! 🙂

    1. Emily, thanks for your comment! I know Dad has read Andy Naselli’s book and appreciated it. Thanks for passing along that sermon.

      And it’s always so cool to meet another Nova Scotian! (Though, admittedly, I got super excited because I thought you were still in NS and then I saw your church is in Toronto. You need to come back and visit us!! :D)

      1. Just listened to your time episode and heard you were at Molly’s! I’m from Truro and was home this past weekend. I’m sorry your experience there was sub-par. It is great spot for ice cream though.

        I am also kind of sad that I am not still in NS. BUT if you’re ever out this way, come visit our church! I’ll definitely try to visit you when I’m back out east next!

        1. Oh my goodness, Emily! I can’t believe you were in Truro last weekend. We could have totally got together. Yes, definitely let us know the next time you’re out, and we should try to meet up.

  3. I have recently started listening to your podcast, and I was wondering why the numbers suddenly jumped from Episode 17 to Episode 19, skipping number 18.

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