Episode 68: The Apologetics Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about apologetics and how all Christians can practice it well. They also talk about when they get sick of each other, why Jaquelle’s going to Iowa, and The Screwtape Letters.

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06:00: Why should Christians care about reason?
06:30: What is Jaquelle’s pet peeve about the American national anthem?
07:41: What is our personal experience with apologetics?
08:17: What is apologetics?
11:13: What’s the difference between evangelism and apologetics?
13:06: Why should young Christians learn apologetics?
14:56: What are the different ways of doing apologetics?
20:49: Why you don’t need to be a scholar or expert to be a good apologist.
23:04: The problems with both approaches to apologetics.
26:43: Sean recommends an apologetics book to start with.
28:14: How does apologetics practically play out?
31:50: Why you shouldn’t be afraid of apologetics.
32:38: We announce our latest CSB giveaway (of two CSB Apologetics Bibles!)

Recommended Resources

+The Ignite Leadership Conference
+Jaquelle’s Online Book Study
+Fergie’s rendition of the American national anthem
+Covenantal Apologetics by K. Scott Oliphant

Special thanks to the CSB for sponsoring this week’s episode. Learn more about the CSB here. Learn more about The CSB Apologetic Study Bible here.

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1 thought on “Episode 68: The Apologetics Episode”

  1. One of my favorite books on apologetics is Dr. Jason Lisle’s Ultimate Proof of Creation. I highly recommend it. It’s very easy to understand and very helpful. It deals with the argument over Creation and Evolution, and deals with the Biblical and logical reasons for the Creator. And it’s presuppositional!

    Basically: “…only the Christian worldview (starting with a literal Genesis) can rationally make sense of the universe. Only if the biblical creation is true [and that basically just comes down to ‘Only if the Bible is true’] can we have genuine knowledge about anything.”

    ?? James White had Lisle on his Dividing Line last year and they talked about that book briefly.

    Great episode! Whetted my appetite for more apologetics!

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