Episode 56: The Video Games Episode

In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean talk about how Christian teens should think about video games. They also talk about getting over sickness, plug their upcoming Christmas episode, and hear about Jaquelle and Travis’ intense Mario Super Sluggers rivalry.

Recommended Resource

+“4 Reasons We Escape Through Video Games” (RELEVANT)
+“Of Games and God: A Review” (The Gospel Coalition)
+“Push Function Quit” (Douglas Wilson)
+“Christian Men and Their Video Games” (Tim Challies)

Special thanks to the CSB for sponsoring this episode of Age of Minority. Learn more about the CSB here.

1 thought on “Episode 56: The Video Games Episode”

  1. Pastor Sean! I want YOU to be the host of AOM! That would be amazing.

    And Jaquelle, I totally get it – I never play video games. They’re boring – anyone here heard about BOOKS? 😉

    Great episode as always!

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