Episode 57: The 2017 Christmas Extravaganza

In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean talk about Christmas… and have way too much fun doing it. They talk about their Christmas traditions, their favorite Christmas movies and songs, and debut their first ever game on the podcast!

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Special thanks to the CSB for sponsoring this episode of Age of Minority. Learn more about the CSB here.

6 thoughts on “Episode 57: The 2017 Christmas Extravaganza”

  1. Fun episode guys!

    I’m with Jaquelle 100% on that horrendous, so-called drink, eggnog. I also just this Christmas was forced to watch Rudolf…the old one…yes, that extremely creepy cartoon. That was scary. I think I’m #foreverscarred from that experience.

    The game was really good Jaquelle! I guessed wrong on almost all of them though haha!

    Tradition around here is to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. Christmas is not complete without A Charlie Brown Christmas.

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