Episode 22: The Prayer Episode

In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean talk about prayer — how to pray, why to pray, and when to pray. They also talk about what to give your pastor to encourage him, how terrible the Toronto Blue Jays are, and Diana’s (aka Mom’s) birthday.

Recommended Resources

+‘Bible Answer Man’ Converts to Orthodoxy (here’s an article on the differences of Eastern Orthodoxy)
+Praying Together by Megan Hill
+Praying the Bible by Donald Whitney
+The Valley of Vision edited by Arthur Bennett

9 thoughts on “Episode 22: The Prayer Episode”

  1. Great episode! I sometimes zone out when someone in church prays in front! So I really am thankful for how you showed that we are all united together in prayer when one person prays!

  2. For the record, Shelley made the pulled pork and the pastrami. I was just the advisor! Love your show, J

  3. Christina McCarty

    I love the ACTS acronym, that is really helpful! I just have a question/comment on our prayers changing God’s mind: when God is speaking to Moses and He says that He will destroy the Israelites, after Moses petitions Him not to He appears to change His mind. I have always taken this as, yes, the outcome can change based on our prayers. What is your perspective on this?

    1. Great question, Christina. In numbers 23:19 it tells us that God never changes his mind. In Malachi 3:6 it tells us that not only does God not change His mind, but furthermore that God cannot change, period. So though it may seem as though he changes his mind with Moses in Exodus 32:14, we can safely say that God did not actually change his mind. In cases like this God knew all along what he was going to do, as things always happen according to his plan (Psalm 115:3), and he was simply orchestrating the circumstances to help Moses come to a place where he understood God and his will better. So when Moses wrote Exodus 32:14 we call what he does there an anthropomorphism, which is a situation in which the author refers to God with human terms, like for example to say he changed his mind, so as to help us understand the heart of God (though God never actually changed his mind because God cannot change).

  4. Great episode! I loved it!
    I did get slightly confused when listening about prayers not changing God’s mind, but it will be good to talk with my parents about it and get some more insight. I know I agree with you I am just slightly kunfuzzeled (if you know what I mean). 😉 Thanks so much!
    btw I have been following the bible answer man thing. It’s pretty sad 🙁
    AND I never get tired of hearing about Jaquelle’s great book haha 🙂
    -a loyal listener who is behind on episodes 😛

  5. Hello Mr. Sean and Jaquelle!

    I’ve been following your podcast for a while, but never commented. I downloaded this episode a while back, but recently listen to it. I enjoyed it very much! I really like the A.C.T.S method you mentioned. Currently, I use the P.R.A.Y method. P is for praise, r is for revelation, a is for absolution, and y is for yearning. It’s really been helping me with how I should pray to God. This episode has helped me along this journey. Thank you both! God bless! ?

    1. Heaven, that is so encouraging to hear. I’ve heard of the P.R.A.Y. method before and it sounds really good. Thank you for listening!!

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