Episode 21: The Episode About Nothing

In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean have no theological topic. Instead they talk about the crazy week they had — including Jaquelle’s appearance on The Harvest Show, hanging out with Joe Thorn and Jimmy Fowler, the coolest cookies Jaquelle’s ever seen, and attending TGC National Conference.

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+12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You by Tony Reinke

7 thoughts on “Episode 21: The Episode About Nothing”

  1. That all sounded amazing guys! Except for the walking of course. 😉 And on another note, you are so right, The Great British Baking Show is the best, I am obsessed with it. ?

  2. I guess I’m not offended at being “some weird person coming up…”??

    Again, it was pretty cool getting to meet the people behind the voices. One of the things I enjoyed a lot about TGC17 was meeting so many Christians from around the US and the world. You could start up a conversation with just about anyone, as if you were old friends. And I enjoyed the fact that it was easy to talk to the many speakers if you wanted to. I didn’t pass on that chance haha. I got to talk to Albert Mohler (I was just browsing the vintage books and I looked up to see he was standing right next to me! So I got to tell him how I really liked “The Briefing”.), Denny Burk (not a speaker, just there), Bob Kauflin (again, not a speaker, he was there at the SGM stand), Peter Adam, and I got to tell Russell Moore that I didn’t think he was a “nasty guy” ?.

    You guys have great taste! Chipotle is “THE BEST”! And my brother and I love Panda Express! You need to start a petition to get some good American restaurants up there in Nova Scotia haha. While we were in Indianapolis we got to try “The Old Spaghetti Factory”, which is in downtown Indianapolis. I could rant for a while on how good their Lasagna was. But the one place I couldn’t miss while we were in Indianapolis was City Barbecue. That was the best Barbecue (with a capital B) I’ve ever had. Recommended highly!

    To sum up, a really great conference all around, and I hope I’ll be able to go to the next one. …T4G is next… Anyway, long comment over.

    1. Whew, glad you’re not offended! It really was cool to meet up with you. We saw Bob Kauflin but didn’t talk to him. And it was so fun to see other people that we “know” from reading.

      Ooh, you had good eats too! We’ll have to check out City Barbecue next time we’re in Indy. And yes, Old Spaghetti Factory is amazing.

      And also yes, the conference was amazing! It was great to be there. Now I’m catching up on all the breakout session talks I missed.

      1. Same here. My parents and I have been watching some of the main sessions that they didn’t get to see on the live stream. If you didn’t get to see, “Race, Political Partisanship, and the Unity of the Church”, I highly recommend that. I’ve already listened to it again haha.

  3. I have a Panda Express a block from my house and their food is indeed amazing! Also, I Love the Great British Baking Show! It is so good, and I love that you guys like it as well. ? Great podcast, and I really loved hearing about your GCoNatCon (I hope I did that right) experience.
    A Loyal Listener

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