Episode 16: The Reading Episode


In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean talk about reading and why every Christian should care about reading well. They also talk about Jaquelle’s horrible exercise experience, what book they’d take with them on a deserted island, and also realize how well Sean knows Jaquelle.

5 thoughts on “Episode 16: The Reading Episode”

  1. This was definitely the funniest episode yet. Your co-host, pastor, and dad, Sean was certainly excited at taking your favorite book (Valley of Vision) out of contention ?.

    I love reading. So for this week’s episode to be on this topic was cool. One of my favorite things to do while reading is to listen to music (preferably instrumental [and preferably Pandora]). I think it adds to the book, especially if it’s fiction. And even if it isn’t fiction, it helps me read faster and keeps me interested.

    One thing I wondered was how you guys make time for multiple books? Or how do you read a book within a week (previous episode where Jaquelle recommended a book to Sean and he read it within a week!! ?) Do you just take a book everywhere you go? I want to read more because I enjoy it. But I have trouble finding the time. Tell me your secrets. ?

    Great episode as usual. I really enjoy them and thanks for putting them out.

    1. Hey Seth. Glad you enjoy AOM. And glad you love reading. We do too … in case you hadn’t noticed 🙂 Stay tuned for the next episode where we will address your question, as well as a few other listener questions, on a new segment on the podcast.

  2. I’m a 13(14 in 3 days)-year-old homeschooler who recently discovered your podcast after listening to Jaquelle’s interview on Doctrine and Devotion. I’m really enjoying it! This episode helped me along toward reading more (and the Valley of Vision moment…I could feel Sean’s burn). I actually listened to it twice.

    I’ve always loved reading (and writing!) but recently I’ve found myself reading less the past few months. Right when I heard your book recommendations, I just dashed to our bookshelves and hunted down everything we had that you mentioned (The Institues, Valley of Vision, Desiring God, Heaven, and Safely Home) and devoured a chapter (or prayer for the Valley of Vision, I guess!) of all of them last night.

    When I heard that Jaquelle earned a bachelor’s degree by 18 at TESU, I was shocked! That’s what I’m working towards right now.

    Okay, I’m all done. I’m heading over to itunes to leave Age of Minority a (five star) review!

    Well, thank you so much for recording this episode and keep it up! (:
    p.s. I agree with Sean’s views on Apple!
    p.p.s. I agree with Jaquelle’s views on paperback books. My dad’s the same way – he loves ebooks so much and I just don’t get it!

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