Episode 17: The Father Episode (& Mailbag #2!)

In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean talk about the Father and His distinct role in the Trinity. They also introduce a brand-new segment called Mailbag where they answer listener questions.

Recommended Resources

+ “A Little Book on the Christian Life” by Tim Challies
+ Experiencing the Trinity by Joe Thorn
+ Knowing God by J.I. Packer
+ Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem

To send us your questions for Mailbag, comment below or email us at jaquelle@ageofminority.com or sean@ageofminority.com.

5 thoughts on “Episode 17: The Father Episode (& Mailbag #2!)”

  1. Aww I love y’all too! Mr. Sean, you were actually right! It’s pronounced Aznip (not Assnip), but don’t feel bad most everybody pronounces it wrong. 🙂
    Another excellent episode in the books, y’all are fantastic!
    Jaquelle, only two more weeks!!!! 😀
    -a loyal listener

  2. Speaking for VANISHEDKING and Seth (I am both ?), this was a very hilarious episode. I’ll leave the mystery of my username as that; a mystery… I got the inauguration question ?! I listened to this on Friday (?) with my Mom. It was her first time hearing you guys, so I’m not sure what she thought haha.

    To do the first person of the Trinity, the Father, justice in one episode is definitely hard. In fact, it’s impossible to even begin to unpack the “awesomeness” of God the Father in any amount of time. I thought you guys did a great job at showing the correlation between an earthly father and our Heavenly Father. And how even having a bad example of a dad, we still know by that example what a father is supposed to be (Did I get what you were saying there?). To point to the One who IS a perfect Father is definitely a great hope to those who have been hurt.

    1. Whoa!!!! Mind blown, Seth, or should I say, VanishedKing??? Whatever the case, thanks for your comments and questions. Yes, you got me right. My point was that if we know what a bad father is then we obviously have some standard by which to measure what kind of a father we have. In other words, if we can define a bad father, it follows that we must be able to define what a good father is. As for your mom, tell her to hang in there. For some, Jaquelle and I are an acquired taste 🙂

  3. Christina McCarty

    I too am an unashamed Saturday listener. Not because I don’t want to listen Friday morning! 😉 It’s become a ritual of mine to listen as I clean on Saturdays. Thanks for another great episode Sean and Jaquelle.

    1. Actually…? I’ve been listening on the way to church on Sundays…? This episode was an exception haha. So, I like how long the episodes are because it takes me like 40/45 minutes to get to church.

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