Episode 12: The Church Episode

In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean talk about the local church and why teenagers need it. They also talk about Tom the Fire Marshal, the local Buddhist temple, and sloppy joes.

Recommended Resources

+ Gavin Ortlund’s review of How To Be a Christian Without Going to Church
+ “Friends Your Age Are Not Enough” (Jaquelle’s article on DG)
+ What is a Healthy Church? by Mark Dever
+ The 9Marks website

9 thoughts on “Episode 12: The Church Episode”

  1. PLEASE do longer episodes!!! I love to listen to this while I am working and I wish they went longer!!! I would even love 2 hour episodes, although that’s probably a bit extreme 🙂
    Also I was laughing my socks off when you guys were talking about the sloppy joes, and my little brother thinks I’m crazy now 🙂 You guys are so funny!!!!

      1. Haha!
        By the way, I had an episode idea. Don’t know if you would like to do this or not, but what about “Should Christians Hate Satan”/”Should Christians Hate Evildoers?”

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