Episode 272: The Big Announcement Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean return from their break to share a big announcement about the future of Age of Minority. They also talk about baked pancakes, Jaquelle’s new baby, and dating your spouse.

Episode Highlight

08:28: The big announcement

7 thoughts on “Episode 272: The Big Announcement Episode”

  1. Well you’ve had a long run and I started watching recently and I am going through all the old episodes they have been very helpful so thanks

  2. I will miss this podcast but understand your decision. I have been listening since 2017 and I have learned so much. It has helped me grow in my faith and knowledge of the Bible. I am so grateful for the years of work you have both put into this!

  3. I’ll miss hearing you two each week. But even in announcing the last episode, you’ve had a great message of saying no to some things to say yes to better things! Thanks for all the time and energy you have invested into this! If this is a place to submit a mailbag question: can we get one last update on Mr. Baby?
    God bless you!

    1. ah! Also, I nearly forgot, sorry to hear that Charlotte’s birth wasn’t super easy, but wooo!!! So good that she’s out! Good luck with this transition

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