Episode 248: The Mailbag Episode (#11)

This week Jaquelle and Sean take a break from their series of casual conversations and open the mailbag. They tackle several heavy questions, like what to do when a friend stops going to church, or what are their thoughts on Mormonism. They also hear Sean’s Gandalf impression, talk about what kind of water Jaquelle likes when she’s pregnant, and hear a new edition of We Review Your Reviews.

Episode Highlights

05:14: We Review Your Reviews

10:24: Opening up the mailbag

12:45: What are your thoughts on Mormonism?

23:30: How do I help a friend who’s bipolar and has left the church?

29:22: Are digital Bibles really as good as physical Bibles?

33:30: What are your thoughts on the Apocrypha and other non-canonical biblical literature (e.g., Book of Enoch)?

Recommended Resources

What is Mormonism? (Got Questions)

An FAQ on the Differences Between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity

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