Episode 215: The Entering 2021 Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about how to look forward to 2021. They also talk about how excited Jaquelle is to go to the dentist, how good Sean’s turkey was, and the glories of homemade scalloped potatoes.

Episode Highlights

  • 04:12: Transitioning to this week’s topic
  • 08:06: How can we improve our prayer life this year?
  • 14:47: How can we make our Bible reading more fruitful this year?
  • 18:14: How can we contribute to the well-being of our church more effectively this year?

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1 thought on “Episode 215: The Entering 2021 Episode”

  1. I am so glad that y’all released this episode because these are things that I have been thinking about since 2021 began. I really want to strengthen my relationship with Christ , grow in my faith, and encourage others more this year.

    Jaquelle, it’s quite coincidental that you mentioned how you want to get back into the habit of Scripture memory because I do, too. Last summer, I participated in the National Bible Bee Summer Study for the first time, which involved memorizing 14 passages within 8 weeks. Hiding God’s word in my heart helped me to apply Biblical truths in my daily life, thus, I want to get back into the habit of doing so and staying consistent.

    Thanks for doing this episode, and I’m so excited to see what is to come with Age of Minority in 2021!

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