Episode 200: The Fanboy/Fangirl Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about what it means to be fans of sports, celebrities, shows, anything really, to the glory of God. They also talk about why Jaquelle doesn’t have a full fridge, the contest between Sean and Diana, and Jaquelle’s new apartment.

Episode Highlights

10:02: Transitioning to this week’s topic
17:40: 3 questions to ask to determine whether or not you’re being a good fan

5 thoughts on “Episode 200: The Fanboy/Fangirl Episode”

  1. Happy 200 enriching episodes anniversary! Also, thanks a lot for choosing this topic; despite being a fanboy often, I haven’t thought about the concept much, let alone biblically.

  2. What if I’m an AOM fan though?? Will I be justified in listening nonstop?
    In all seriousness, that you for clearly outlining the dangers of living for the entertainment. It is so easy to wake up, turn on our devices, and then let our days be consumed in the content created.
    God has ordained a purpose and a plan for each of us, we are called to glorify Him through our actions (as well as our thoughts and words, or course) rather than waste the opportunities He’s given!


  3. As someone who is really into BTS and all K-pop….this was so helpful for me to re-evaluate where I stand in the fangirl side of things, and I really really loved this episode. Thank you! ALSO JAQUELLE YOU GOT ME INTO K-POP SO I BLAME YOU FOR THIS ISSUE…..jk, but like….??



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