Episode 197: The Jim Elliot Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about the life of Jim Elliot, a missionary martyred for his faith before he turned 30. They also talk about Jaquelle’s birthday dinner, why she’s selling her house, and introduce AOM’s new toy mascots.

Episode Highlights

08:38: Transitioning to this week’s topic
12:11: Jim Elliot’s early years
20:57: Elliot’s missionary work and martyrdom
28:19: Jim Elliot’s legacy
31:11: What we learn from Jim Elliot’s life

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1 thought on “Episode 197: The Jim Elliot Episode”

  1. I loved this episode! Elisabeth and Jim Elliot are two of my Christian heroes. Thank you for all of the research put into this episode and all of the work that you both put into every episode.
    There was just one thing I wanted to mention. Rachel Saint was Nate Saint’s sister not his wife. (His wife’s name was Marjorie.) Just thought y’all would want to know. Thanks again for every episode, I really appreciate the dedication you show!

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