Episode 175: The How NOT To Use The Bible Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about the unhelpful (but surprisingly common!) ways that people read the Bible. They also do something they’ve never done before, all because of the coronavirus.

Episode Highlights

09:34: Transitioning to this week’s topic: how not to use the Bible
11:59: The out-of-context method
26:03: The random verse method
28:00: The Bible is all about me method

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2 thoughts on “Episode 175: The How NOT To Use The Bible Episode”

  1. I think it can be dangerous to make such statements and such conclusions about how to read the Bible. What you are sharing with the world is ultimately your point of view…….how am I to trust that you are speaking from the Holy Spirit and sharing with us truth? What you are saying about how to read the Bible is not backed up by scripture. I believe it’s important to have a regular time set aside daily where you spend intimate time with the Lord and enable Him to speak to you but also to listen to Him…..through structured reading of His Word, worship and prayer. This is what I try to do. However, I disagree with how you are telling us how we should and should not use the Bible. There is some truth in the things you say, that resonate with me, but there are things you are saying that jar in my spirit. For example, the way you speak about not randomly opening the Bible. I believe that a more structured reading of Gods Word is right, but God has also spoken to me powerfully when I have just opened my Bible. When this has happened to me I have received further confirmation through different means by His Holy Spirit that what I received was from Him. I have received verses for friends and family, sometimes not intentionally looking but it’s happened and amazingly what I have shared has also been confirmed by others or through other means. So to tell the world that this is not the right way to read the Bible may prevent the Lord from speaking to people in this way….if He chooses to. It also will create doubt in those who believe they have been spoken to in this way….things that may be truth and that the Lord has shared with them which mean a lot to them. I agree that this should not be the way people read Gods Word…..but it is a way that God has chosen to speak to me and many other people I know.
    Bless you x

    1. Thanks for you comments, Emmy, we appreciate you engaging with this episode, but what we said is not at all just our point of view. It is the Bible itself (not just one verse or passage) which demands that we read it in context, according to how it is written, and as a book first and foremost about God. That is not just our opinion, these are necessary inferences from a consideration of what the Bible is, and how God inspired and arranged it. As for God speaking to you through the random verse method, God graciously works through things we do that we shouldn’t do all the time, but that doesn’t mean we should do them.

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