Episode 167: The Hinduism Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean continue their series on world religions and talk about Hinduism. They also talk about Jaquelle’s vegetarian pasta, get an update on Sean’s car, and judge Sean’s paninis.

Episode Highlights

06:01: Transitioning to this week's topic
07:32: Dealing with the facts of Hinduism
10:31: The beliefs of Hinduism
14:38: The issues of Hinduism
19:51: Apologetics questions to ask Hindus

2 thoughts on “Episode 167: The Hinduism Episode”

  1. Loved this episode guys! Just a quick clarification, though, Hinduism isn’t a pure polytheism. Vedanta schools of Hinduism are very pantheistic by viewing the universe itself as Brahman, or divine nature.

    Even in “polytheistic” schools of Hinduism can actually be very monotheistic, as all those “gods” are just incarnations of one creator god, Vishnu.

    You both are right in saying it’s very confusing though! Makes my head hurt trying to read up on it! ?

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