Episode 159: The Resurrection Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean finish their series on answering the big questions of life and answer the question, “How can we know the resurrection really happened?” They also read yet another iTunes review, give an update on life in Baby World, and hear about Sean’s incredible grocery store find.

Episode Highlights

06:20: Introducing “reviews by you, reviews for you”
09:35: Transitioning to this week’s topic (and reviewing the rest of this series)
13:26: Discussing the 7-block argument for the resurrection of Jesus
24:36: Responding to theories that say the resurrection didn’t happen

2 thoughts on “Episode 159: The Resurrection Episode”

    1. Hahaha, Josie, that’s the best! Well, in all seriousness, we did love your review and so appreciate you taking the time to write and leave it. It means a lot to us. <3

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