Episode 134: The Psalms Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about the Psalms and how to study them better. They also talk about sloths… a lot.

Episode Highlights

  • 12:34: Introducing this week’s topic: the Psalms
  • 14:36: Some fun facts about the Psalms
  • 19:26: Who wrote the Psalms?
  • 20:49: When was the book written?
  • 21:06: Who were the Psalms written to?
  • 21:15: Understanding the unique genre of the Psalms
  • 24:24: How the Psalms are divided (into books)
  • 28:40: The different categories of Psalms
  • 33:25: The theology of Psalms
  • 35:59: A few practical tips for studying the Psalms

3 thoughts on “Episode 134: The Psalms Episode”

  1. My 6-year-old brother knows what sloths are! Really, Mr. Crowe, if you are going to co-host the Age of Minority, you should have higher expectations for us! XD Great episode!

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