Episode 131: The Wedding Recap Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean recap Jaquelle’s wedding and talk about some of the choices Jaquelle and Joe made to make their wedding about Christ. They also talk about intermittent fasting, Jaquelle’s new favorite videos on YouTube, and why Jaquelle now wakes up at 4:30am.

Episode Highlights

  • 11:25: Introducing this week’s topic: a recap of Jaquelle’s wedding
  • 13:12: The wedding colors
  • 15:45: The bridal party
  • 20:45: The location and decorations
  • 24:42: The weather
  • 25:18: The food
  • 28:22: The schedule of the day
  • 30:10: The ceremony
  • 39:40: The wedding dress (including a passionate rant from Jaquelle)
  • 45:04: Some final tips for engaged couples

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