Episode 123: The Sadness Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about sadness — when it’s good and when it’s bad. They also talk about Jaquelle’s marriage counseling, Sean’s upcoming cruise to Central America, and going to church on vacation.

Note: Because Jaquelle and Sean recorded several episodes in advance, they got a bit mixed up. Jaquelle has not been married two weeks when this episode drops… just one week. *facepalm*


11:53: Transitioning to this week’s topic: sadness.
13:07: Is sadness ever good?
15:37: When is sadness sinful?
16:38: What are examples of righteous sadness / grief?
23:52: How should we view emotions from a gospel perspective?

6 thoughts on “Episode 123: The Sadness Episode”

  1. That is so cool that you did Jaquelle and Joe’s marriage counseling, Mr. Sean! I’m a preacher’s kid too and I asked my dad if he would do the same for me!

    Pastor-dads are the bomb!

  2. your transitions are getting so much cleaner ?? I really enjoyed the emotion series, learned a lot from it. Safe travels Sean and Jaquelle. Enjoy your trip!

    1. Thank you, Ayo! We’re so glad to hear that the emotions series was a help to you. Thanks for listening! =D

  3. Y’all are hilarious! I love it. It’s going to take me a long time to catch up on all these episodes!

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