Episode 116: The Abortion Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about abortion — how to understand it and what to do about it as young Christians.


01:42: Introduction to this week’s topic: abortion.
04:10: Why are we talking about abortion?
07:58: Is there hope for people who have had abortions?
09:26: What are some stats on abortion?
14:15: Responding to the most common pro-choice arguments.
28:33: How to practically fight abortion today

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2 thoughts on “Episode 116: The Abortion Episode”

  1. Thank you Jaquelle and Sean for this very informative podcast. I love your podcast, (been listening to the denominations podcast for the past month) they’re always informative and engaging and this particular topic is a touchy one for me. I have been avoiding it like a plague because it’s very very uncomfortable for me- I kept on cringing during the podcast ?? but now I feel like yes I have to check this out. those stats opened my mind to the evil that is considered trending. I’ll be sharing this to some of my friends, I’ll also be going back to campus by Monday March 4 so I think I’ll be engaging my mates with this. Though abortion is not legal in my country it’s also not illegal but many ladies carry out abortion in the most ruthless way. I really gained so much from this podcast. God bless you from West Africa. *and if you’re really getting married (cos it you made it seem like a joke, very subtle) congrats Jaquelle.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that, Ayo. We are really encouraged by your words and that you would share this with your friends. And I am actually getting married, so thanks for the congrats! =)

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