Episode 112: The Healthy Habits Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about cultivating healthy habits this year. They also talk about what Sean is preaching and teaching about, what he and Jaquelle got for Christmas, and get sick of the word “all.”


04:11: What Sean and Jaquelle got for Christmas.
07:08: Why does everyone make a big deal about the new year?
08:31: What’s the deal with habits?
13:56: We need to have a holistic view of ourselves.
16:10: Habit #1: Get enough sleep.
19:56: Habit #2: Eat okay.
22:39: Habit #3: Exercise every now and then.
23:13: Habit #4: Be on time.
27:09: Habit #5: Read more books.

Recommended Resource

+“Why Christians Should Be On Time” (Article by Jaquelle)
+Episode 60: The Health Episode

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