Episode 109: The 2018 Christmas Extravaganza

It’s finally here! This week Jaquelle and Sean talk all about Christmas! They tackle some tough questions about elf costumes and Christmas lights, hash out what it means to celebrate Advent, and debut Jaquelle’s 2018 Christmas game! Merry Christmas!


06:03: How Jaquelle’s mom has been killing the baking game this year.
07:45: Introducing this week’s deeply spiritual topic: Christmas!!
09:15: Is it wrong to celebrate Christmas?
10:42: How should Christians think about Advent?
14:23: What are Jaquelle and Sean’s favorite Christmas carols?
15:18: Would You Rather?: The Christmas Edition
19:17: What are Jaquelle and Sean’s favorite Christmas baking?
23:04: Introducing Jaquelle’s Christmas game: Is It A Hallmark Hit or a Ho-Ho-Hoax?

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