Episode 104: The Mailbag Episode (#5)

This week Jaquelle and Sean open the mailbag to answer listener questions. They also share some HUGE news from Jaquelle, talk about the friends that shared 9 pints of Halo Top with her, and figure out how Mark Zuckerberg got teased in elementary school.


03:03: Jaquelle shares her HUGE news.
09:08: Who is your favorite preacher/pastor?
12:57: What are some practical things I can do to cultivate compassion?
18:37: How should I read the hard parts of the Bible (like tabernacle measurements)?
26:02: Can you talk about the theology of The Chronicles of Narnia?
31:58: Can you talk about awareness?
34:39: What is your favorite book?
38:02: Do you prefer lip gloss or lip stick?
39:01: If you could go back to any time period, where would you go back to?

5 thoughts on “Episode 104: The Mailbag Episode (#5)”

  1. C.S.Lewis said that he didn’t mean The Chronicals of Narnia to be an allegory he said that he wanted it to be like what if God created another world, and in that world he chose to manifest himself as a lion. Btw I looove your podcast 😀

  2. Hi Jaquelle and Sean!

    Thank you so much for answering my question! It really gave me some clarity on the book Exodus!
    Also, thank you Jaquelle for articulating the tone of my question so well! haha

    Oh, and yes! I agree that there should be a wedding segment in the show! I’m all for it! 😀



    1. Yay! I’m so glad we answered your question (and I nailed that tone =P). Yes for a wedding segment!!! (Now to sell Dad on that idea…)

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