Episode 103: The Compassion Episode

This week, Jaquelle and Sean talk about having compassion on and empathy for those around us. They also talk about Jake’s good meat, Sean’s regular breakfast order, and their recent AOM contest.

Episode Highlights

04:52: Announcing the winners of our last giveaway.
07:41: Getting into today’s topics: compassion and empathy.
11:05: Why do we lack compassion?
13:58: What actually is compassion?
16:41: We need to cultivate a spirit of compassion.
18:33: What compassion lived out often looks like.

4 thoughts on “Episode 103: The Compassion Episode”

  1. Glad to hear you feeling dandy. Plain cheeseburgers are great. Which Ben was the Crossway winner? I have too many email addresses.

    1. Hey Ben. So sorry for the confusion. There was another Ben that actually won (we emailed all the winners directly, which we totally should have said on the episode =P). Thank you so much for listening to the podcast. And we have a bunch more opportunities for you to win some sweet stuff in the next month, so stay tuned!!

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