Episode 96: The Catechism Episode

This week, Jaquelle and Sean talk about catechisms and why all Christians should consider memorizing one. They also talk about who attends Facebook parties, get distracted by a giant truck, and learn how Jaquelle’s really doing.

Episode Highlights

03:27: Sean gets really excited about a big truck on our street.
04:48: How’s Jaquelle doing?
06:25: What Sean’s teaching these days.
09:41: What is a catechism?
11:43: Why should you use a catechism?
15:19: 8 reasons to use a catechism.
23:34: Why catechisms are specifically helpful for young Christians.
29:15: Some catechisms we recommend.

Recommended Resources

+The New City Catechism
+Article: “Let Us Catechize” by John Divito
+Article: “The Importance and Practice of Catechism” by Dr. Kim Riddlebarger

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