Episode 85: The Mailbag Episode (#4)

This week Jaquelle and Sean open the mailbag to answer listener questions. They also go off the rails way too early and get into laughing fits, talk about their upcoming trip to summer camp, and accidentally reveal the identity of Jaquelle’s boyfriend.


07:57: Opening the Mailbag.
09:45: What is the Mailbag?
11:16: Should women play drums in a reformed church?
15:16: Could you talk about Melchizedek?
19:19: What should communication between teens and church leadership look like?
21:50: Could you talk about anxiety, mental illness, depression, and PTSD?
28:14: What’s your view on college?

Recommended Resources

+Jaquelle and Joe on Instagram
+A Lifting Up for the Downcast by William Bridge
+Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves
+The Joy Project by Tony Reinke
+Blame It On The Brain by Ed Welch
+“Who was Melchizedek?” (Got Questions)
+“Who was Melchizedek?” (Reformed Answers)
+“A Summary of Henry Scougal’s ‘The Life of God in the Soul of Man'” (TGC)

4 thoughts on “Episode 85: The Mailbag Episode (#4)”

  1. Hey, ya’ll!

    You guys are awesome and encouraging as always! I wanted to know, how can I ask you guys questions for the Mailbag episodes?

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