Episode 84: The Chris Pratt Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about Chris Pratt’s recent speech at the MTV Awards and how to engage with the culture. They also rehash Jaquelle’s trip to Indianapolis (including important updates on vegan granola) and talk about Sean’s improvement in food photography.


06:40: Introducing this week’s topic: Chris Pratt’s MTV Awards speech.
08:45: Why Jaquelle used to not like Chris Pratt.
10:48: What do you call the Christian internet?
11:15: Why do Christians care about this speech?
13:57: What are all the rules Chris Pratt gives?
29:20: Why are we talking about this, and what can we take away from it?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 84: The Chris Pratt Episode”

  1. Apparently from what I have read when Pratt says “that grace was paid for with somebody else blood” he did actually name Jesus but MTV cut that out of the recording. So I would love to find an uncut version to see if that clears up a lot of the questions we have.

    1. Huh. That is really interesting, Brock. I would love to know if that’s the case. We were pretty sure he was talking about Jesus when he said, “that grace was paid for with somebody else blood,” but it certainly would be something if he named “Jesus” and MTV cut it out.

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