Episode 81: The What We’re Reading Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about what books they’re reading and loving lately. They also talk about the first time Jaquelle has ever overslept, their recent trip to Arkansas, and Jaquelle’s latest t-shirts.


04:42: Recapping our recent trip to Arkansas.
07:46: Introducing this week’s topic.
08:20: Talking about books we’ve read and enjoyed lately.
21:12: Two books that we’re excited to read soon.

Recommended Resources

+Jaquelle’s breakfast t-shirt
+The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch
+Not Tragically Colored by Ismael Hernandez
+Sex, Dating, and Relationships by Gerald Hiestand and Jay Thomas
+You and Me Forever by Francis and Lisa Chan
+The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler with Jared Wilson
+The Deep Things of God by Fred Sanders
+Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards
+Dominion and Dynasty by Stephen Dempster
+Keeping Place by Jen Pollock Michel
+The Existence and Attributes of God by Stephen Charnock
+Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? by Greg Thornbury
+The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield

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