Episode 77: The Apps Episode

This week, Jaquelle and Sean talk about apps to download that would encourage and equip young Christians. They also talk about their 75th anniversary, Jaquelle’s room makeover, and that time Sean fell off the stage preaching.

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04:50: Introduction to this week’s topic.
09:03: Apps on reading Scripture.
14:33: Apps on memorizing Scripture.
16:09: Apps on confessions and creeds.
18:19: Apps on prayer.
22:46: Other general apps for Christians.

Recommended Resources

+Sean’s sermon when he fell off the stage (start listening at 43:45)
+The Read Scripture App
+Olive Tree
+She Reads Truth (Apple, Android)
+Fighter Verses
+1689 London Baptist Confession App
+Christian Creeds and Confessions
+Bible Memory Scripture Typer
+An Approach To An Extended Memorization Of Scriptureby Andrew Davis
+“How An App Revitalized My Prayer Life” by Tim Challies
+Echo Prayer
+Unreached of the Day
+Operation World
+Sermon Audio
+Smart AudioBook Player
+BT Mobile
+RTS Mobile
+Covenant Theological Seminary Mobile (Apple, Android)
+Grace To You
+Podcast Republic
+Open DNS

9 thoughts on “Episode 77: The Apps Episode”

  1. Just got done listening to your episode. Pretty sad that e-sword was not mentioned. I am not sure if you can get it for Android but I have it on my iPhone/iPad and it is also available for pc and Mac as well. I have used e-Sword for studying for a number of years now. Free commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries and other resources. Free versions of the bible as well. There are resources and Bible versions that you can pay for as well. You can parallel different Bible versions, write notes in the program, etc. This would be almost and equivalent to logos but in free format hence it does not have as much to offer but is great on the budget.

    There are a few Bible reading programs and devotional in this app as well.

    Just my two cents worth

    Also, Sean…you gotta stop rolling your eyes at my pins if you are going to be making your own puns. ?

  2. Ok, first of all, I get that this is all personal preference, but iOS is better than Android.
    1. Cost
    $350 for the base level phone (iPhone SE), $700 for the base level flagship (iPhone 8), iPhone 5S is even less, still works.
    2. Ecosystem
    Works with all other apple devices amazingly
    3. OS (Operating System)
    iOS gets updates every single year. I will bet you that the android you have right now will not even run android Oreo (the version behind the current one), whereas the 5S (an almost 5 year old phone) is rumored to get iOS 12.
    4. Camera
    The iPhone SE (cheapest phone that Apple sells) can record 4K at 30fps for as long as it wants. It doesn’t have a camera bump. What android can do that?
    5. Security
    Apple takes security seriously. If you restart your phone, it requires a passcode. If you don’t unlock your phone for a week, it requires a passcode and the lightning port doesn’t transfer data. Show me an android that doesn’t compromise your security and I’ll show you iPhones that have been at it for pretty much ever.
    6. Speed
    The A11 chip is the best chip in a smartphone. It is the fastest chip except for the samsung Galaxy S9 (Xynos), which isn’t even sold in the US. It also gets the best battery life.
    I know that this is all personal preference, and if all you want is a cheap phone, android is the way to go. If you want the best phone, Sean, that won’t get bugs and will last for half a decade, iPhone is the way to go.

  3. The Bible app that I use is Blue Letter Bible. The Blue Letter Bible website has all the bells & whistles (so keep your volume turned down), but the app has all the typical features of a Bible app, but also lots of study tools such as the original languages for every text, translation comparison, cross-references, commentaries, dictionaries, etc etc. And it’s free. I have it for Android, not sure if iOS has it.

    The only other “Christian” app I have on my phone is ChristianAudio, for listening to free audiobooks.

    Thank you for putting together this resource list, tons of stuff I’ll be checking out.

  4. This was the first episode I’ve ever heard from age of minority and I love it! You guys are so entertaining! 🙂 I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the Benham Brothers app, but that one is absolutely fantastic – Bible reading plan and Bible studies…

  5. The bible app that I’ve been using for quite a few years now is Tecarta Bible. It was one of the few at the time I got it that had the NASB, and I payed maybe $5 dollars for it?? But within the app it has multiple translations at different prices, lots of commentaries, and even NASB (and others I assume) with strong’s concordance built in. I love this app. It’s very simple and well made, plus easy to use. And it’s for Apple and Android, so I have it on my apple products and also my Samsung Tablet. And they sync together, so I have all my notes and highlights. If you want a really good bible app, this one is very well done.

    I use Scripture Typer quite a bit. It’s really helpful and I’ve been able to memorize a lot better since I’ve started using it. It’s the best one out there. The premium is way worth the money. But, even if you don’t have premium, it still has got a lot of great features.

    Thanks for all the great recommendations! I’ve checked into a few of these that I haven’t heard of before.

    Some others off the top of my head: Ligonier, Truth for Life, I’ll be Honest, and G3 (the conference app has a lot of sermons from their past conferences) to name a few.

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