Episode 73: The Cooperation Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about unity and cooperating with other Christians. They also talk about Jaquelle’s juice cleanse, what makes a good egg, and Burger Week.

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04:04: Our recap of Burger Week.
08:06: An intro and overview of cooperation.
10:45: Sean’s 3 tiers of cooperation (aka, a guide to working with other Christians).
13:41: Why this issue is so important for young Christians to figure out.
26:18: The practical implications of navigating cooperation.

1 thought on “Episode 73: The Cooperation Episode”

  1. Fun fact on eggs: I went to Walmart a couple days ago and the egg shelves were empty—apparently millions of them have been recalled for salmonella down here in the south (including the ones in my fridge).

    Currently contemplating whether I should be spending my time listening to Jaquelle and her dad talk about burgers… 😉

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