Episode 71: The Justification Episode

This week Jaquelle and Sean talk about the doctrine of justification and why young Christians should learn about and love it. They also talk about Jaquelle’s Twitter handle, gear up for Burger Week, and hash out the definition of “burger.”

Episode Navigation

03:25: What is Burger Week?
8:00: Why are we doing an episode on justification?
12:14: What is justification?
14:07: Answering four questions about justification.
20:49: Why is justification so important to understand?
25:08: Why theology is relevant and exciting for young Christians.
27:28: If we’re justified, why do we still sin?
32:25: We announce our last giveaway.

Recommended Resources

+The Reformed Faith by Robert Shaw
+The God Who Justifies by James White
+The London Baptist Confession of 1689 (Chapter 11)
+The New City Catechism

Special thanks to the CSB for sponsoring this week’s episode. Learn more about the CSB here. Learn more about The CSB Notetaking Bible here.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 71: The Justification Episode”

    1. We did an episode about getting a job, and have talked between ourselves about the subject of faith and the workplace, but not sure if we have talked about doing an episode on it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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