Episode 54: The John Calvin Episode (And Giveaway!)

In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean talk about the life of John Calvin and why all Christian young people should care about him. They also announce another CSB giveaway!

Recommended Resources

+The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin
+The Betrayal by Douglas Bond
+Calvin on the Christian Life by Michael Horton
+Abridged Edition of The Institutes edited by Donald McKim
+A Little Book on the Christian Life by John Calvin
+The Christian Lover by Michael Haykin
+“Did John Calvin Burn Michael Servetus at the Stake?” by David Qaoud
+“A Brief Introduction to the Life and Ministry of John Calvin” by Stephen Nichols
+“What’s So Special About John Calvin?” by Michael Horton
+Why You Should Know Who John Calvin Is
+The Expository Genius of John Calvin by Steven Lawson

Special thanks to the CSB for sponsoring this episode of Age of Minority. Learn more about the CSB here.

5 thoughts on “Episode 54: The John Calvin Episode (And Giveaway!)”

  1. I had totally forgotten that I got Calvins Institutes for free (a giveaway) until you mention it in the podcast. Loved this episode and I will be reading the Institutes, do you have any tips for going through it?

    1. Hey Rebekah. Good on ya, girl, for getting into The Institutes. Three words of advice. First, if you have someone who can read through it at the same time and pace, it is cool to have someone to discuss what you are reading with. Second, take it slow so you can digest what you read. Third, you might want to think of following a one-year reading plan. There are several available online, depending on which translation you will be reading. Best to you, and thanks for listening to AOM.

          1. Thank you. I teach a Sunday school class for teens & appreciate this podcast. We used Jaquelle’s book over the summer. It was a blessing to our class.

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