Bonus Episode: Mailbag #1

In this bonus episode, Jaquelle and Sean open up the Mailbag and answer questions about writing, Easter Monday, laziness, and cliques.

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5 thoughts on “Bonus Episode: Mailbag #1”

  1. You guys are crazy. You crack me up haha. But seriously, no offense intended, that mailbag intro might need some work…?

    With the writing of an article, or almost anything, I really just like to get an idea, think it through, then just sit down and write the whole thing out. I am NOT an outline guy. I guess, for me, they slow me down and impede my flow of thought trying to make my article fit with my outline. But, that’s just me. (I do understand having an outline for long papers though.)

    On the last question…I have never heard of a “clique”, so I was clueless as to what that was supposed to refer to till you gave the definition. I apparently am in a “clique” or am not in one, cause I don’t (or didn’t) know what that was. You learn something new everyday I guess. ?

    Thanks for spending the time to put another episode!

  2. Thanks for answering my questions! I have no problem with celebrating Easter on a Monday, I had just never heard of that before. And you are of course right that we should be celebrating the resurrection every day of the year. Again, thanks for that clarification. ?
    Also, I was laughing so hard at how you were pronouncing my name Mr. Sean. 😀

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