Episode 20: The Stupid Stuff We Say Episode

On this episode, Jaquelle and Sean talk about the stupid stuff we say (that we probably shouldn’t). They also talk about Tom Challies (Tim’s evil twin brother), GCoNatCon, and Jaquelle’s first Mac.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 20: The Stupid Stuff We Say Episode”

  1. I sincerely feel for you guys not getting to have a Chipotle in Canada. That’s sad. ? It’s really the best fast food you can get.

    When I saw it was “Stupid Things We Say”, I couldn’t help but think of all those times in conversations when you say something and after the fact you can’t believe you’d say something that rude! You should have a part 2 for those kinds of “Stupid Things We Say” moments haha.

    Thanks for your view on “OMG”. I “think” it’s become way to flippant in our language and I can’t say it for the exact reason that it’s kinda a substitute for “God”. It can also just *sound* like “God” when you say it.

    So, yeah, I feel…and to be honest, thanks for the episode. ??

    1. We do have a sad, Chipotle-less existence here in Canada. But we also have really good maple syrup, so…no, it’s not even a comparison. American food is better. Period.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the episode! And your idea for part 2 is actually really good — that’s something we never even really hit on. Maybe even a potential future Mailbag addition. =D

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