Episode 14: The Trinity Episode

In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean discuss the doctrine of the Trinity and why every Christian (young and old) should care about studying it. They also talk about Spryfield Chinese food, Bobby Flay, and why the Trinity is not like an egg.

Recommended Resources

+The Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms
+Delighting in the Trinity
+The Forgotten Trinity
+“Why I Won’t Be Seeing (or Reviewing) The Shack Movie” (Tim Challies)
+London Baptist Confession of 1689
+8 Trinitarian Heresies

7 thoughts on “Episode 14: The Trinity Episode”

  1. I love the Food Network! I also love theology, put the two together… Ah, the satisfaction. ? Thanks for another wonderful episode, these are the highlight of my week.

  2. Such a helpful episode! And I just want to share a great album about worshipping the Trinity called Sooner Count the Stars by Sovereign Grace Music. If you guys haven’t heard of it, you should check it out. Like most of their other works, the songs are so doctrinally-rich and beautifully written. I hope that it’ll stir your heart’s affections toward the infinite beauty of God as it does to me!

    1. Hey, thank you, Tommy. We’re glad the episode was helpful! And we are major SGM fans here. We love Sooner Count the Stars. Thank you for the recommendation. SGM unfailingly stirs my heart’s affections toward the beauty of God. I love how you put that. 🙂

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