Episode 11: The Parent Teen Relationship Episode

In this episode, Jaquelle and Sean talk about the responsibilities Christian parents and teens have to each other. They also talk about Sean’s wedding, Jaquelle’s new game addiction, and why you don’t have to wear formal attire to discipleship sessions.

4 thoughts on “Episode 11: The Parent Teen Relationship Episode”

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Katherine. And if we gave you some things to think about, our job is done. 🙂 You raise a good point, though – on disagreeing with our parents. Because sometimes I disagree with my parents too! It can be tricky to walk that line between submission and just having our own opinions.

  1. Oh my goodness! I know you get tired of hearing this from me, but our families are SO alike Jaquelle. I feel like I am listening to my Dad in a totally different voice Mr. Sean! It is actually kinda weird and slightly creepy. 😉
    Y’all are so awesome and I love this podcast and I would have no problem listening to you for 2 hours. haha
    Happy belated 25th anniversary Mr and Mrs. Crowe!
    When you talked about growing closer as a family through ministry, I could totally relate to that. Before my Dad became a pastor I would never have believed that we could get any closer. In fact, I thought my Dad being a pastor would drive our family apart because my Dad is even busier than before. However, God has done just the opposite!!!
    Thanks for all the work you put into this! Y’all are so encouraging to me 🙂
    -a loyal listener

    1. Oh my goodness, Haven, I do NOT get tired of you talking about how alike our families are – I think that’s so cool! 😀 We have to meet some day. Either we’ll come visit you in Florida or you should come visit us in Canada! 🙂

      You are such an encouragement. You don’t know blessed we are by YOU listening to the podcast. And hearing your feedback on this episode especially was a joy. Thank you.

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